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Stump grinding is the most effective way of removing a stump from the ground. The machine that we use is capable of reaching 18 inches below the grade of the ground. So you will never have to worry about the tree regrown or have trouble replanting in the affected area. Our machine is self-propelled so after your stump is removed there will not be any large holes or tire tracks to fill or fix! Call us for more information or check out the photos of our equipment in the photo gallery.
Firewood — Tree Care by Hudson & Sons Tree Service in Enon Valley, PA
Whether you have one tree or a dozen on your property, you need to care for them properly to keep your landscape pristine and healthy. When those trees become damaged or don't benefit your property anymore, you need to remove them as soon as you can.

For expert tree removal near Aliquippa, PA, rely on Hudson & Sons Tree Service. We've served residents like you across Enon Valley and Aliquippa for more than 30 years. We'll provide you with quality tree care services so you can keep your landscape in perfect, healthy condition.

Benefit From Expert Tree Stump Removal

Damaged, unhealthy, or dead trees can create a lot of problems in your yard. Broken tree limbs and trunks can pose tripping hazards for you or anyone else on your property. Dead and unhealthy trees are the perfect home for insects.

You could cut down the tree to enhance your yard, but the residual stump still creates a risk for injury. Instead of just chopping down part of a dead or unhealthy tree, invest in tree and stump removal for your Aliquippa, PA property.

When we remove any trees or stumps from your yard and grind them, you'll reap many benefits:

  • Healthier landscape. We remove unhealthy stumps and trees to prevent diseases from spreading to other trees and plants.
  • Less damage. Our stump removal machine reaches 18 inches below the ground's grade. We accurately remove trees and stumps to minimize damage to your property. And, removing and grinding the stump prevents unruly roots from breaking up sidewalks, driveways, and other parts of your property.
  • Free mulch. After we remove trees and stumps from your yard, we can grind them into mulch. You can use that mulch in your garden or anywhere else on your property. Just let us know if you want to keep these wood chips or if you'd like us to dispose of them.

Stump and tree removal is incredibly fast and affordable, so don't wait any longer to schedule this service. Get in touch with our experts at (724) 336-4124 to take advantage of our skill and services-we're even available for emergencies, 24/7.