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Call Hudson & Sons for Thorough Tree Care in Aliquippa, PA

Your trees may seem like they can take care of themselves. With a little water and sunlight, they can grow tall, lush, and green. In a few years,
their branches may reach to impressive lengths and heights.

But even your trees need a little help now and again to stay healthy. Without care and maintenance, your trees may collapse during the next storm or suffer from disease and pests.

To ensure your trees live long lives, call the team at Hudson & Sons Tree Service. Our arborists provide comprehensive tree care throughout Enon Valley, including Aliquippa, PA.

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

When you call on our team, we'll schedule a convenient time to inspect, evaluate, and diagnose the health of your tree. We'll quickly spot problem branches and recommend ways to better the health and appearance of your trees.

As part of our tree service, we can perform all of the following:
  • Aerial bucket service
  • Crane service
  • Crown reduction
  • Storm damage service
  • Tree trimming, shaping, and pruning
If you have a dead or troublesome tree, our team can even perform tree removal in Aliquippa, PA. Once we've removed the tree, we can also grind or remove the stump, improving the safety and appearance of your yard.

Request an Estimate for Our Services
For over 30 years, Hudson & Sons Tree Service has provided reliable tree care to Aliquippa, PA residents and homeowners in the surrounding areas. During this time, we've expanded our equipment to include a specialized bucket truck, enabling us to care for branches in hardto- reach places. If you wish, you can even see our skilled team in action on our gallery page.
If you want an estimate for our tree trimming, pruning, or removal services, call us at (724) 336-4124. You can also fill out our contact form to request an appointment date and time.